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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Why gardening is good for health?

Gardening is a healthy activity to do for both physical and mental health in these days of isolation. COVID-19 pandemic is keeping many of us at home most of the day. To be at home in isolation for a long period is not only harmful to physical health but mental health also. In physical health issues, obesity, hypertension, and muscle fatigue are common nowadays. The sorry tale of human being sufferings and endurances does not end here. Several other ailments due to of lack of physical exercises include stomach aching, high blood pressure and cardiac arrest in severe cases. Under so hard circumstances, horticultural farming is not only a source of relief but also a source of pleasure, joy, and amusement. 

Why gardening is good for health

It strengthens our immune system and provides an opportunity to enjoy aerobic respiration. In this way, A bright chance for the consumption of extra calories energy is given to the body.  For example, weed pulling and watering to the garden are bringing the body towards physical efficacy and robust working.  In addition to it, strong muscles, bones, and other body parts are consequences of the physical exercise of the body. Physical activity leads the body towards sound health and mental wellbeing.  Resultantly, the body becomes smart and active and has nothing to do with the diseases such as obesity, hypertension, and cardiac arrest. More than that, one of the most important positive aspects of gardening is to bring balance between social life and private life.  It keeps a person busy in physical and natural activities so that one may be able to avoid the overuse of electronic devices in this era of science and technology.  

To avoid such useless and unhealthy activities is not less than a blessing. As far as mental health is concerned, it is as important as physical health. Gardening brings peace, calm, and serenity to one’s life. It's very important to mention here that as man has made progress in the field of science and information technology the mental health has become one of the biggest challenges of the contemporary world. 

Why gardening is good for health

Anxiety and depression have become common diseases in mental health. People are frustrated, depressed and their life is full of sorrows and sufferings due to the hectic routine and unhealthy activities. Peace has become a dream for human beings.  In such a situation, to be close to nature by adopting gardening as a hobby is inevitable. Gardening can bring peace and satisfaction to human beings. It is a very nice activity to do. Stress and depression can be reduced by staying close to nature. 

Gardening is used as a mood booster. Social skills and emotional well beings are developed by adopting farming at home.  It also grooms social alertness and cognitive abilities to resolve technical and logical problems quickly. More than that, people involved in either technological addiction or drug addiction can come out from this bane by adopting gardening as a hobby.  This is how one can be mentally strong enough to tackle all issues on various grounds.

On the nutritious front, gardening plays a significant role in the provision of natural fruits and vegetables.  Availability of pesticide-free and pure fruits and vegetables at home is important to maintain good health. By adopting this practice, all health risks can be minimized to a great extent. In the long run, healthy and safe life is only possible in this way. Moreover, a research study shows that those states where fresh edibles fruits, and vegetables are easily available can have a high life expectancy as compared to the other states.  Furthermore, the availability of natural edibles things reduces the hazard of dementia and cholesterol levels.   

Gardening has the capacity to bring a substantial change in human health and physical exercise.  For developing countries where children have stunted growth due to unavailability of proper nutrition; gardening can give them ample edible food. In such a way, it can be said gardening is important not only in developed countries but also for the developing countries of the world. 

As far as the social benefits of gardening are concerned, it has a remarkable role in the improvement of social relationships and compassion. It is worth mentioning here that nature-loving people are responsive, loving, caring, and helping. The reason is that people who care for plants ultimately develop a caring and responsive attitude towards everything. Therefore such human beings are empathetic and care about their relations with others.  

On the other hand, those who have nothing to do with gardening are unable to attain the helping nature. Basically, to be gregarious and social is a part of human nature instinct as Aristotle has rightly said, ‘man is a social animal’. Being a social animal has positive impacts on health. While living in loneliness has negative impacts on human health. To cut the long story short, to be a social animal is not enough but to keep human beings on the track of social mobility is important. This phenomenon is the secret of a healthy life. Gardening helps to improve human health and to combat loneliness.

Gardening as a hobby has the potential to provide relief to human beings from various diseases.  In the age of science and technology, everyone has been following a tight schedule and working like a machine in the pursuit of one’s objectives.  The busy schedule has been bringing sorrows and endurances due to the mental distress.  Anxiety and frustration are badly disturbing human health for a long time. 

In the developed world, everything is man-made. Most people are passing their time in an artificial atmosphere. This artificial environment contaminated edible food items and the provision of junk food has been creating a huge problem for human beings.  In this artificial life, gardening is a step from an impure to a pure life.  Without it, life is full of multiple diseases whose remedy seems to be impossible.

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