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Saturday, April 3, 2021

How to Grow and Care for Haworthia norteiri (Cederberg Haworthia)? Some Useful Tips

'Haworthia norteiri'

Haworthia norteiri is commonly known as ‘Cederberg Haworthia’. The succulent is native to South Africa and belongs to the family Asphodelaceae. It is a tiny succulent that forms solitary to proliferous stemless rosettes of fleshy, pale green to purplish-green, soft leaves. The leaves also have white spots and short spines on the edges. The succulent produces white flowers with greenish veins and the flowers bloom in the late winter to spring seasons.

How to Grow and Care for Haworthia norteiri (Cederberg Haworthia)?

It is easy to grow and maintain Cederberg Haworthia. Here, I’ll share care needs and a few simple tips that are useful for growing healthy Haworthia succulents.

Sunlight requirement

Keep the potted succulents in a bright area where they get plenty of sunlight. Avoid exposure to very hot rays of the sun. If the leaves turn yellow, white, or red-tinged it indicates that they are getting too much light. On the contrary exposure to too little light or deep shade can also weaken the succulents. It is ok to keep the succulent outside during winter but gradually move it indoors before the onset of summer to prevent sunburn.


Cederberg haworthia needs more watering in summer while less water in winter. During the summer season, water enough to protect the leaves from shriveling due to the shortage of water. However, during winter when the plant is not actively growing water less frequently. From fall to spring water the plants when the top couple of inches of the soil dry out completely. Avoid overwatering because it can cause decay and disintegration of roots.


Like all other Haworthia species, Hawrothia norteiri also needs well-draining soil. It doesn’t like to remain wet for a long time. So always use a well-draining soil mix for growing your succulents. You can buy a standard succulent or cactus mix from the market or prepare a soil mix on your own.


Cederberg Haworthia likes warmer temperatures during summer but prefers cool temperatures during winter.

USDA hardiness zones

The succulent is hardy in USDA hardiness zones 10a to 11b.


Like all other succulent Haworthia norteiri doesn’t require fertilization. However, you can fertilize your succulents to promote more blooming and growth in the next season. Fertilization will provide an extra dose of nutrients that will boost the growth of the plant.


The succulent can be propagated by seeds, leaves, and offsets. The most rapid mean to propagate Haworthia norteiri is through offsets. You can remove the offsets or take the cuttings from healthy Haworthia plants and use them for propagating all-new succulents. Place the cuttings on a well-draining soil mix and keep it away from bright direct sunlight. Once the cuttings become established in the soil and start rooting you can gradually expose them to sunlight.


Cederberg haworthia doesn’t require repotting. It can stay in the same pot for years. However, you can repot your succulents if they start overgrowing the containers or become root-bound. You can also repot to replace the old potting medium with a fresh and fertile soil medium.

Toxicity or poisoning

Cederberg haworthia is safe for humans and animals.


I hope you will find this care guide useful for growing healthy Haworthia norteiri plants.

For more details and queries about your favorite succulents feel free to write to us.

Have a great planting season!

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